Real Estate in the age of COVID-19

How COVID-19 is changing our business

Update 4/20/20 – As of today, in-person showings have resumed with limitations and precautions. We are at this time, able to offer our clients in-person showing appointments again. If there is a property you would like to see, please reach out. 

In this uncertain and confusing time, we are doing everything we can to keep our agents, clients, and community safe and healthy. We won’t pretend that we know all the answers, but we are closely monitoring the rapidly changing situation and making adjustments as needed.

Despite the shut down and temporary suspension of in-person activity, there are many things we are still able to do virtually to help our clients who are buying or selling a home.

– Virtual Buyer Appointments: We can meet with you via video chat or phone to discuss how you can prepare now for buying a home.

– Virtual Seller Appointments: Like with buyers, we can meet with sellers virtually to discuss how to prepare to sell. If conducted via video, we are also able to give them a market analysis and staging advise.

– Continuing Current Transactions: We are working with attorney’s and lenders to make sure current transactions successfully close. Many attorneys are able to conduct closings remotely using Power of Attorney (POA).

– Virtual Showings: Want to see a house during this time? In some cases we can work with the seller and seller’s agent to get you video footage or a Facetime tour directly from the sellers at home. If there is a house you are interested in, let us know!

As we mentioned earlier, we are continuing to monitor the situation on a daily basis and are making adjustments as needed. If the shut down continues for a long period of time, there is a chance that real estate will be deemed “essential” business. If that happens, we will evaluate our options to see if it is safe to resume in-person activities.

If you have questions about the current market during the COVID-19 outbreak (and beyond!), please feel free to reach out to us. We are always here to help!