A Better Way to Search For Homes!

What do you use to search for homes? Trulia? Realtor.com? Zillow? Our guess is that you most likely use Zillow, and for good reason. It is easy to use and seemingly has thorough, accurate information. It can even predict the value of you home! (spoiler alert: Do NOT trust their “Zestimates!”) But you should be cautious of Zillow, as they actually don’t have thorough or even accurate information on a property. In certain cases, they even show properties as still being “Active” (or available) when they are actually under contract! This causes confusion and disappointment for many of our buyers.

Also, listings can take longer to appear on Zillow than other sites that pull directly from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), meaning a home that just popped up on Zillow could have actually been for sale for 24-48 hours already, and in our fast paced market, that is enough time for a home to already be under contract.

There is a better way!!

We just launched a home search website (yourvermonthomesearch.com) that pulls directly from the MLS. It often shows homes faster than Zillow AND shows only homes that are still available! Our site also shows incredibly detailed information about the property AND it is as easy to use as Zillow. You can even sign up to automatic alerts that will immediately notify you when a property that meets your predetermined criteria comes on the market.

Each of our agents has their own site, so if you are working with one of our agents, be sure to type their name and a period before the rest of the web address (ie julie.yourvermonthomesearch.com) to connect directly to their site. Being on your agent’s site allows you to easily send any questions or showing requests directly to the agent your working with (unlike Zillow where they sell your information to other agents who inundate you with sales calls!).

Using one of our agent’s site means there is an actual person behind our search site who wants to help you! Instead of your question getting lost in the abyss or worst yet, getting inundated with sales calls from other agents, your questions will be answered by our highly trained agents who are very knowledgeable in the area you are searching in.

Ready to search for homes a better way? Try our site today!


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